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Lipodrene SR is a Natural Weight Loss Supplement that is a result of a decade-plus of research and development by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals that provides dramatic weight loss – both effectively and safely. Lipodrene SR‘s Natural Weight Loss Supplement compares to TrimSpa and offers advanced appetite control and metabolic stimulation.

Lipodrene-SR Natural Weight Loss Supplement is a sustained release appetite control supplement that works by:

– Increasing your metabolism
– Suppressing your appetite
– Helping you with your weight loss goals

An ephedra free appetite suppressant and metabolic stimulator.

It has all the same components that the revolutionary original Lipodrene had, including the Hoodia Cactus.  Lipodrene SR Natural Weight Loss Supplement is, however, Ephedra Free.

Lipodrene SR‘s ingredients include Thermo-Rx (a unique,  blend of 4 plant extracts standardized and processed uniquely to achieve a thermogenic response unlike anything else on the market including ephedrine) and RM7343 Green Tea Extract (yielding the most effective catech profile available and is directly comparable to extracts used in recent landmark studies). Cutting-edge nutraceuticals/extracts are Hi-Tech’s specialty and with the invention of Thermo-Rx and Lipodrene-SR they have revolutionized the diet industry. Hi-Tech found Ceryphathamacromeris (a one-of-a-kind appetite suppressant) while researching the Hoodia Cactus.

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